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What to say and what NOT to say when ministering in front of abortion facility

(The following instructions have been authored by Patte Smith who has been a devoted Sidewalk Pregnancy Counselor for over 20 years.)

Christians, may I make a few suggestions for those of you who go to the killing places to witness?

I know that you want the abortion-bound mothers to see you as a person of humility. Humility is one thing, but servile fawning is another. Be humble. By all means, be humble, but also, be bold, assertive & confident when you speak to your neighbors at the abortuary.

Remember, you are a herald of the King of the universe. You speak as one having authority because You DO have authority. God-ordained authority. Jesus sent you to rescue the perishing! Speak up, in Christ's Name and don't apologize!

Patte pleading with an abortion-minded father.
Don't ASK the mothers:"Would you like one of our ministry packets?"
This gives them the option to say "No, thanks".
Don't give them a choice of whether to take your packet or not. Be friendly & assertive. Smile & say: "Here you go, this is for you!" or "Roll down your window, I've got a ministry packet for you" or "Stop. Take this beautiful book. It's my gift to you & your baby." 

Don't ask"Will you come & talk to us just for a QUICK minute?" or "Won't you stop & talk? It will only take 5 minutes" 

Friends, the gospel is worth more than FIVE MINUTES. Hell is for eternity! And, for heaven's sake, don't say: "Please, give me just a few minutes. You can always still go inside for your appointment afterward." :/ Why give the woman the impression that you somehow respect the fact that she has an "appointment"? It's an appointment with DEATH, for heaven's sake. Do not act as if going inside is inevitable or worthy of considering.

Say"Stop. Let's talk. This is very important. We have a message from the Lord for you. This is a matter of life & death. It really is. Come on over." And, if you have the time, invite her (or them) out for coffee or a meal. "Let me take you out for coffee. I've got something very important to share with you. And, I want to hear what's going on with you."

Don't say: "God loves you" to abortion-bound mothers. Here's why: 

Don't say"We're not here to judge you. We're not here to condemn you." Why put negative thoughts  "judge righteous judgment". So, in point of fact, it is our positive DUTY as Christians to JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY, especially in defense of the defenseless & in protecting & seeking justice for the weak & need orphans. Also, Jesus declares in John 3:18 that the unregenerate are "condemned already". But you don't need to respond with those scriptures, unless you are led by the Spirit to do so.) Get straight to the truth from the Word of the Lord about the sanctity of the little child in the womb. You have a message that is more precious than gold. Why be on the defensive? Speak the truth about her baby & the God who gave the child to her. Try saying: 'Psalm 127:3 says "Child are a gift from the Lord." Your baby is a gift from God Himself.' PLEASE, whenever you speak about the child in the womb, use words like 'dear baby', 'helpless little one', 'infant', 'innocent girl or boy', 'sweet son or daughter', 'precious child'. 
in their head? (In John 7:24 Jesus commanded us to

Do not use the impersonal pronoun "it" when you are referring to the baby/babies in the womb. Do not say: "You don't have to kill it. You can give it up for adoption!"  You wouldn't call your wife, your husband, your friend or your born child 'it', because it would make them seem like an 'object', right? So, please, train yourself to use lovely words that humanize the infants in the womb. The poor orphans in the womb deserve the dignity of being spoken of with love & respect. It takes discipline to get out of the habit of using 'it', but, with practice, you will find that it will come natural to you to speak of the babies as precious human persons. I know that you can do it. 

Do not refer to murdering a baby as a "choice", "option", "decision" or "right". According to the Lord, killing an innocent child is not an "option", it's a sin which God both abhors and forbids. Abortion is not a 'choice' to be made, it's a sin to be repented of. The words choice", "option", "decision" or "right" , neutralizes and sanitizes the violent, bloody evil sin of infant slaughter. Keep with the Word & you can never go wrong.

Technically speaking it is not correct to say "God has a plan for your child" if you are intimating that God's plan is for the child to not be aborted. His COMMAND is for the child not be murdered by abortion, but since He knows the end from the beginning, God already knows if the mom will have compassion on the child of her womb or have her infant slain. If you say; "God has a plan for your baby" & the mother goes ahead & dismembers the baby, she will be lead to conclude/believe that either; a) murdering her little one must have been God's 'plan'.
b) By murdering her baby she was able to thwart God's plan.

This is what the Word says:

For the LORD Almighty has purposed,
and who can thwart Him?
His hand is stretched out,
and who can turn it back?
~ Isaiah 14:27

I know that You can do all things,
and that no purpose of Yours
can be thwarted.
~ Job 42:2

Stick with the scriptures about the fact that God designed, created, sustains the child in the womb, about children being a blessing, reward, inheritance & gift, God's Law prohibiting murder/the shedding of innocent blood & the just punishment in hell of those who disobey His commandments & refuse to repent & trust Christ. God's Word is sufficient. God's Word is enough.

Be personal. Introduce yourself by name & ask: 
"What's the biggest reason why you don't want to raise this baby?" 

Listen for the answer. Then, by God's grace & wisdom, answer each of her reasons/justifications with a Word from the Lord, either a direct scripture or a biblical principle, whenever possible. Use the Law. Share the commandment, "You shall not murder" & ask what they think about it.

Do not give unsanctified/cheap grace.  We need to be very careful when presenting the Gospel. We want to avoid giving everyone the impression that the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross covers the sin of their sexual immorality & murder. DO NOT say "Jesus died for your sins!" Do not call out "Jesus died for you" or even "Jesus died for us". Why? Because they hear this falsehood all the time from American "Christianity". The truth is that if they do not respond rightly to the Gospel call in repentance & faith in Jesus Christ, then Jesus did not die for their sins. Many of the abortion-bound are already counting on cheap grace "Jesus died for your sins" as they fornicate & go in to murder their child. This sort of mindset discourges healthy fear of the Lord & encourages presumptuous sin! (They are wicked thinking: "Let us sin more that grace might abound!" & "Let us do evil that good might come!", which are addressed in Romans 3:8;6:1-2)

Jesus did not die for every sinner!
The Bible teaches that those who fornicate & murder will be cast into the lake of fire.
(Ephesians 5:5;
1 Corinthians 6:9 
Revelation 21:8) 
Christ only died for His sheep, His people, who repent & savingly trust in Him.
Jesus declared:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)

Please, say something like:  "Jesus gave His life so that those people who turn from their sin & genuinely trust in Him will be saved from their sin & from the fires of hell. Today is the day of salvation. The Savior commands you to repent today, confess & forsake your sin now, or remain under His wrath & condemnation & perish. Be sure of this, unless you repent, you will perish. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Fear God more than your circumstances. Fear Him who has the power to cast you, body & soul, into hell. Unless you are born-again, you will die in your sin & be cast into the lake of fire. Turn from your sin. Turn to Christ & live". 

Abortion always leaves behind blood-guilt.
And, another thing, don't apologize for being forthright & assertive in confronting the lost moms & dads & their companions, clinic workers & abortionist. Do not act or speak as if lifting up your voice, using the truth horn, or for speaking with an amplifier is something you have to explain. If you are faithful to speak the law & gospel truth in love, you have no reason to be apologetic.

Just be honest, compassionate & loving.
Keep boldly inviting the abortion-bound women & men over to talk.
Speak the plain, God's honest truth & then allow the Spirit to send His Word deep down into their conscience. Speak with God's voice. Plead with the lost moms saying:

“Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.” (Hebrews 3:15)